Hone in on the Best Sex Games People Share Online

Throughout history, men and women have indulged in sexual activity as a natural way of life. When two people are attracted to each other physically for whatever reason, they ultimately end up in bed to show their love for each other. Sometimes, the relationship lasts long enough for them to want to share the rest of their lives together and they enter into a marriage contract.

There are no rules for making love. Everyone has their own form of expressing their desires. Some of the best sex games are available online for those who wish to master the art of seduction and lovemaking. Hundreds of books and magazines are written on the subject and one can use these as a guide to learn to be a good lover. Different games people play are circulated and you could select any one of them to suit the situation. The internet is a great place to discover explosive secrets that men and women like to share.

To get your girl in the mood, you could engage her in a game of cards and tell her she has to strip a piece of clothing, every time she loses to you and vice versa. You could go into the next room and phone her from there, whispering sweet nothings to her to arouse her sensuality. One of the best sex games to get her in the mood is to get a hot oil massage done on both of you by the same masseur. You could then try to use the same technique on your lover and have her melting in your arms.

A friend of ours told us that he got his rocks off when he permitted his partner to be an exhibitionist at a pub where she sang and danced on stage at an Amateur Night. This could result in one of the best sex games that you could play when you go back home. Some people are turned on when they watch a video of two people performing the love dance. Use whatever works best for you as long as the result is mind-blowing great hours of heightened pleasures.

How to Enter the World of Online Dating

By now, there isn’t a person in the western world that hasn’t heard about online dating sites. And yet, many people feel hesitant when coming to explore this new medium of communication, in the same way that many of us fear changes or trying thing we know nothing about. However, the truth is that fear of failure, as natural as it may be, really is irrelevant to online dating. This form of interaction with local singles is no different than meeting someone you like in a pub and asking – or being asked – out.

There are of course some technical differences’ but in most cases these can only enhance your sense of self confidence. You can go through hot singles profiles just like you can go though local singles personals in the paper, but now you have a lot more information about each and every potential date. You are also able to see pictures that will help you decide if someone is right for you or not. Searching also becomes a much easier task. You can narrow down your options by defining what you want or only looking in specific matchmaking categories.

For those who are willing to try, online dating sites offer many new possibilities. In the world of cyberdating reinventing yourself is easier than ever and you can meet local singles in your area with no prior baggage or hearsay. Online you are free to express yourself with no awkwardness and many people feel that this freedom allows them to get over the initial shyness and be who they really are. On live video chat rooms you are able to interact with potential dates and get to know them on a very intimate level, buy all this time you are still sitting in your own home and have full control over the situation. You can decide to continue chatting with someone or move on, and all this while skipping the awful stage of blind dates.

Online dating really is the best option for people who are tired of being alone. Most of the large singles matchmaking services have millions of registered singles that are looking for casual romance, love or long-term relationships. They also provide their members with numerous ways to interact: Sending “signs of interests” (IE – “winking”), using forums, PMs, message boards and of course – live chat rooms. With so many options and tools the chances of finding what you’re looking for become better than ever. But the online dating sites’ real strength is not in features or in members. It’s in their ability to create online cyberdating communities where people feel at home and at ease. This creates an easygoing atmosphere and makes the entire matchmaking process much simpler, less stressful and even, yes -actually fun. Don’t believe me? Give it a try. Start off by choosing a matchmaking service and start browsing through profiles – I really is that easy. And let me tell you a little secret: The most interesting fact about online dating is that once you get into it, you won’t understand how you ever managed to get dates without it.

Tifa Lockhart Costume Enhances Your Sex Appeal

Tifa Lockhart costume is your dress of choice to boost your fantastic fun. Now Final Fantasy series are hot among fan boys and girls, who are a special breed in the gaming world. With zealous passion to seek more ways to enjoy the fun with their liked character, they are holding a strong desire to participate in the ultimate fan tribute-cosplay. Naturally, for those hot girls who prefer to the sex appealing look of Tifa Lockhart, finding deluxe Tifa Lockhart costume is the best bet possible to release their zeal.

The character of Tifa Lockhart in Final Fantasy series has gained a glory in manga and video game industry. Since her introduction, Tifa has received much positive reception and has been cited to set an example of a strong female character in video game. In 2010, she is named in a poll by Famitsu the nineteenth most popular video game character by Japanese audiences. In sequence, one of the ten best female characters in video games listed by GameSpot readers; the thirteenth best Final Fantasy role of all time, once even ranked the first in an article focusing solely on Final Fantasy VII; the tenth in the article “13 Video Game Women That Kick Ass” placed by Mania Entertainment; the twenty-fourth in the article “Top 50 Videogame Hotties article” at UGO.com. The list could be endless. All imply that Tifa Lockhart is hot and this character is successfully designed to win a spectacular glory till now.

Tifa cosplay becomes hot among cosplayers as they consider her as an ideal character to express their personality. Tifa has been praised to drive a tradition of tough, independent RPG heroines. She is also cited to give Final Fantasy characters real sex appeal and meanwhile be one who could take care of herself in a pinch. She is such a strong woman, who has a big heart and is an amazing fighter. She never gives up on her friends and she somehow finds the courage to keep fighting for what she believes in. In eyes of most her fans, she is like a mother, a sweetheart, and a close ally in battle and remarkably strong, not only emotionally, but physically as well.

Apart from that, Tifa’s sex appeal also contributes a lot to her popularity. Her vivid appearance are detailed with a long black hair in a style resembling a dolphin’s tail at the hip, and garments described as simple and monotone consisting of a white tank top and black mini skirt. Besides, red boots and gloves cover her hands, sleeves extend up her arms from her wrists to her elbows, suspenders connect her skirt to her shoulders, and a large metal guard covers her left elbow. She stands about 167 centimeters and has an extravagantly curvy figure.

When it comes to portraying this role, find her costume in online cosplay store. Also some cosplayers are sticking to making it by themselves. In this regard, most parts of her costume are made of leather but uniform cloth can be also substitute and much cheaper. Prepare mentally if you really want to go this do-it-yourself way. Having a plan beforehand and sketching first can be also helpful to smooth your work. However, still, shopping this costume online would be your good choice.

Sex Tips That Can Help Mind, Body and the Sleep Deprived

Need some sex tips to get to sleep? Sounds like a crazy question, but it’s not. Experts have concluded that having sex when you are going through a period of insomnia may be one of the best remedies. So, first on your sex tips list is to just do it! If you want to fall asleep quickly and sustain a restful sleep throughout the night, engage in a little bit of sex before hitting the sack. One of the best sex tips you can get is to keep it hot, especially if you plan on using the ole sex as a sleep aid method going for a while.

You can get sex tips anywhere. The main thing is to just make sure you get them. Sex can become a little stagnant after awhile and no one should be afraid to get a little refresher course. Sex tips can be found anywhere these days, magazines, videos, the internet, even chats with friends or online. A good sex life is a healthy sex life and an important part of your lifestyle overall. Keeping it fresh will do wonders for you and your partner. There are so many restorative powers of sex. The benefits are many and getting a good night sleep is definitely one of the best.

Keeping your sex life charged up using sex tips can help stave off the harmful effects of sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep can be dangerous and can cause all sorts of health issues including some major diseases. Sleeplessness can also adversely affect your home and work life and make you a veritable fount of misery to your friends and family. The main cause of sleeplessness is an overactive brain. When your brain is stimulated but not released from stimuli, it becomes next to impossible to fall and stay asleep. Sex allows the brain the release it needs to calm down the mind and body into a state where it can quickly fall asleep and sustain the sleep until morning.

So, keeping up on your sex tips achieves two goals, spicing up your sex life and developing and maintaining a healthy sleep cycle. These two things can help keep your life happy, peaceful and productive. Sex tips are a very good thing for keeping things fresh and hot in the bedroom. And, staying healthy is always important to the mind, body and soul. Have fun!

Breaking Down The Secret Of Charisma: The Introduction Of The “Frost Score”

What is charisma? What is “it”? What is that special thing about a certain person that makes them stand out from everybody else even when silent or still? It has never been explained and simply categorized as an “intangible”.

Well I’m here to make the intangible tangible. I’m about to let the monster out of the bag. I am about to introduce the Frost Score.

In the NFL, when a team is interested in a college player they have scouts break down every possible thing about them and produce pros and cons. It can get extremely detailed. For some reason in the music business it does not seem to exist to this extent, yet there is just as much money involved. Scouts merely have to “guess” which artist will make it big, and have a “feeling” about a certain singer. Let’s get real. Everything can be broken down to it’s core. Excuse me as I get everybody started.

I have always had a very good track record at guessing who will be a superstar. Why me and not somebody else? Instinct maybe? Either way I realized what I had been looking it. It’s the face and the eyes. These are the biggest indicators. Number #3 is energy and presence.

I have created a grading system that is scaled in order of importance. For example, sex appeal is more important than the quality of work when it comes to selling stars, thus sex appeal is out of 20 and quality of work is out of 10. I watch especially close to see if artists are trying too hard and come off as fake, if I can see this I believe many others will have a weird feeling about them as well, thus big points lost.

Many of these can be a mix of each other. Eyes are important for self-belief, movement is important for sex appeal, but none of them are the exact same thing. Think Venn diagram. Before I begin there are a few important things for you to understand.

1) This is a rough score that I will attempt to make as accurate as possible. I am only going off of videos I find online, someone may be way more charismatic in person.
2) The average score is not 5, but 3. I believe the average Joe Shmo will score a 3 in every category. If an artist has a 5 in a certain category it means he is above average in the world population but pretty average amongst other celebrities.
3) The Frost Score calculates star potential in music artists and can be adjusted for actors and general personalities as well. If you are looking simply for charisma, look for high scores in “eyes”, “face”, and “energy/presence”.
4) This is the artist’s present day rating. Certain scores they are born with and can not change. A sudden burst of confidence will increase an artist’s score in other categories. Therefore I will sometimes list an artist’s maximum Frost Score potential.

1) Eyes – My hunch is that this, along with the face, is the money spot. This is truly the most intangible part about charisma because what I can spot here is not something that I can explain. It is not one specific thing such as pupil dilation, eye jerkiness, strong glare, or unmoving pupils. However it can sometimes be a mix of it or sometimes just one of these may disqualify an artist. Are they in the moment? Are they present? Do their eyes speak to you? Score out of 50

2) Face – Does NOT refer to physical attractivess, however sometimes certain face movements may make these artists appear more attractive than they really are. I am referring to relaxation of facial muscles, the way certain parts of their face rest or move. do they have a kind face? an evil face? Sometimes the artist’s face may not move in the slightest except the mouth and an extraordinary amount of charisma is still projected. Is the face stiff and lifeless? Can they portray many different emotions? Score out of 50

3) Energy/Presence – Do they draw people in without saying a word? Do crowds form around them despite them standing around doing nothing? Is everyone constantly looking over at them? Do they have a great vibe? bad vibe? dark, mysterious vibe? How is their energy onstage? Do they have a glow about them? How strong is their presence? Are they in the moment or in their head most of the time? Score out of 40

4) Self Belief/Confidence – This is the most likely to drastically change over the course of an artist’s career but when it is highest, so is their career. Do they truly buy their own bullshit? If they don’t neither will we. Do they believe in themselves and what they are doing? Does it feel forced? Try hard? Do they doubt themselves? How well do they sell their image? Score out of 30

5) Marketability – Can you sell this artist to parents and grandparents? Teenagers? Europe? Asia? How mainstream can they be? Do many people hate or resent them? Will they only be attractive to a niche market? Can they be transcendent? Score out of 30

6) Sex Appeal – Is sex the first thing you think about when you see them? Are your eyes tempted to look down at their crotch? Is their shirt open just a little bit too much? Are they trying too hard? Do they tease the audience? Score out of 20

7) Movement/Dance – How fast or slow do they move? What characteristics do they project by their movement? Sex? Insecurity? Confidence? How do they stand? How do they dance? Do they have an interesting walk or strut? Score out of 20

8 ) Voice/Speech – Do they speak fast or slow? Loud or quiet? Sexy or harsh? Does their singing voice stand out? Is it unique? Is it annoying? Is it refreshing? Score out of 20

9) Style – What do they wear? What is their image? When people think of them, do they think of them wearing a certain thing? Score out of 20

10) Looks – A person can be extremely physically attractive yet have zero charisma and even sex appeal. However a person who is very charismatic and has good looks on top of it, will have their charisma rating go up exponentially, thus anyone who has a grade over 60 without looks factored, will have their looks score double. Score out of 10 or 20

11) Controversy Potential – Can they get people riled up? Can they get people talking or debating? Are they capable of crossing the line? Some people cross the line and nobody cares, but when others do it, its a big deal. Do they have this in them? Score out of 10

12) Uniqueness – Are they truly original? Or just copying somebody else’s style or personality? Score out of 10

13) Mainstream Potential of Work – Will the public like their music? Does it fit into normal cliches? Is it too niche? Score out of 10

14) Personality – Shockingly low but this is just how the world works. Do they have a sense of humor? Are they witty? Are they pleasant? Are they anti-social? Do they have nothing to say? Are they fake? How do they perform in interviews? Do rely on scripts and never flow? Artists can build fanbases purely from their personality. Score out of 10

15) Quality of Work – Don’t think this should shock people. Music on the radio is not usually high on quality. How good are they at what they do? Compared to others? What is the quality of their songs? Lyrics? Instrument playing? This is not correlated with mainstream potential. Score out of 10

0-24 – Wallflowers

25-39 – Average Person

40-49 – Popular people, the cool guy in the office, the hot girl in the corner

50-59 – Local personalities, the person everybody knows, the guy who’s had sex with every girl in your area, the girl famous for her dramatic tales

60-69 – Must have a standout talent at minimum, ability to make heads turn

70-79 – Were now reaching a rarer territory. This is the star level

80-89 – Everybody shut up and watch the show. Superstar level

90-99 – Ability to make rooms go silent or apeshit at will. Legend status

100+ – Reserved for the all time greats

Now that I’ve laid down the framework I would like to give two sample ratings. One is a certified charismatic legend and the other is an up and coming question mark. I believe my system is as accurate as it gets. Let’s see what you think.

Note: What I say for “eyes”, “face”, and “energy” may not make sense for some because I have difficulty explaining what I can see. Your going to have to learn to accept this since I go off pure instinct.

Jim Morrison

Eyes – When he looked at the camera, nobody else in the world existed at that moment except him. His eyes are the absolute prototype of charisma. 50/50

Face – His face was always extremely relaxed and always seemed to give off a glow. It was hard for people to take their eyes off him. 50/50

Energy/Presence – May have had the strongest energy of any musical artist ever. Just looking at him can suck you into his world. I have no doubt people felt a feeling of being “high” just by being around him. Watch the first 40 seconds of this clip to understand how far out his energy expanded. 40/40

Self Belief/Confidence – It was all in his eyes. There was never a nervous moment or tic when he was at his peak. He was said to have been nervous when he first began performing but that quickly disappeared. He reached a point where self doubt didn’t exist. People had no idea if he was acting or performing. 30/30

Marketability – His controversial nature, especially in the 1960′s made him a rebel in pop culture’s eyes. To teenagers he was very marketable but to adults he could not be presented. 18/30

Sex Appeal – One of the strongest sex appeals of any male recording artist. It was in the way he looked, the way he moved, and the way he talked. Nothing about him didn’t scream sex. There are many notorious stories of girls grabbing his crotch on stage. Having sex with fans was routine for him. 20/20

Movement/Dance – He didn’t walk, he swayed. He had his own unique way of moving that kept all eyes on him even when he was not performing. 20/20

Voice/Speech – Talked incredibly slow with unpredictable cadence. People hung on to his every word. His singing voice was very unique and untrained. Very easy to recognize. 20/20

Style – Never had a truly stand out dressing style or image besides the hair. Had his crotch-emphasizing pants but that was not all that rare. 14/20

Looks – Not the best looking guy but a good looking guy regardless. Points double. 13/10

Controversy Potential – Are you kidding? Two arrests related to onstage incidents? Always on drugs or drunk? Saying “higher” on television when warned not to. 10/10

Mainstream Potential of Work – Two #1 singles, including an all time great in “Light My Fire”. The Doors were mainstream but not to the extent of The Beatles or The Beach Boys. 8/10

Uniqueness – Who was like Jim Morrison before, during, or after? 10/10

Personality – He always had something to say, and despite it sometimes being gibberish, he made it sound amazing. When he talked, people listened. 10/10

Quality of Work – Had shining moments but sometimes had work that was not that great. 8/10

Total = 321/340 = 94.4 Frost Score

Look at the scale above to understand where Jim Morrison stands. He is off the charts on the three most important categories. This was a man that was made to be watched. He is one of the true prototypes of musical charisma.

(Based mostly on footage from “When Your Strange” documentary)

Taylor Momsen

17 year old girl making a gutsy move jumping from fashion model/actress on “The Gossip Girls” to rock star chick with the band “The Pretty Reckless”.

Eyes – Has a glare of a girl much older than she is. There is a maturity and jadedness in her eyes as if she’s already seen everything at her young age. Her eyes look through the camera. 40/50

Face – Too stiff and lifeless at times. However there something about it. A certain maturity. 32.5/50

Energy/Presence – Her major weak spot. Her energy isn’t boring, but it’s not very big either. It doesn’t extend out much farther than herself. If she had a great, upbeat energy she would be a superstar. 20/40

Self-Belief/Confidence – She is a very good looking girl and has been on camera for years now, however she seems understandably a little self-conscious with her new rock image. It may not show very strongly on camera but I see it. She doesn’t strut her stuff like she should. This is very fixable. I expect her to be in the 25-30 range within 1-2 years. 18/30

Marketability – Gorgeous face with modeling experience. Is signed up to model fashion and perfume lines. With her new image she can be the face of many different underground industries as well as represent the rock chick genre for the mainstream. 30/30

Sex Appeal – A little young but she’s got it. She still holds back a little bit and is not 100% comfortable yet, but in that 1-2 year range she’ll be a solid 20. 17/20

Movement/Dance – Watch her walk in the alley in the “Make Me Wanna Die” video. Her slow walk is very congruent with her voice. No doubt catwalk experienced has helped. 15/20

Voice/Speech – Actually a very interesting singing voice. A mature voice. She will have rock cred in a few years. 16/20

Style – Her look really stands out amongst all the pop teen girls. You remember her. 20/20

Looks – Gorgeous girl but she hides her face with all that rock make-up. This stops her from getting a full grade. Plus score doubles. 18/10

Controversy Potential – Gossip Girl turned hardcore rocker? She’s 17? She’s stripping in her first music video? 10/10

Mainstream Potential of Work – This is an issue but she has transcendent talent. Plus her rock band has a mainstream hard rock sound if there is one. 7/10

Uniqueness – Teen stars don’t do what she’s doing at her age. This is pretty much unprecedented. Everyone’s curious how this will turn out. 10/10

Personality – Laid back voice, very down to earth. Interesting girl but not very interesting speaking voice. 7.5/10

Quality of Work – Her first single is better than I thought it would be. 7/10

Total = 268/340 = 78.82 Frost Score

That’s a very high score for a brand new artist, especially one outside a mainstream genre. Big expectations here. Her potential Frost Score is around 83.8. She can be a very big and marketable star very soon.

(Based on brand new “Make Me Wanna Die” video & “This Morning” interview)

MySpace Music Logo Branding And Using Fan Videos and Pictures to Promote Your Indie Music Online

Let me start by saying before you attempt to promote yourself/music make sure your music is actually appealing to the general public as that is where you will find the most potential fans.

The first thing to remember when setting up your music web page is to pick a domain name that is short, easy to remember, & that will be associated with you specifically. The second thing to remember is come up with some kind of image/wording that potential fans will associate with your music or product. This logo should be simple and easily read and should be placed on t-shirts & hats etc that the artists themselves may first be pictured wearing. The logo should be worked into the design of the web page and/or social networking site like Facebook, etc.

The Hip Hop artist should want to find fans of their music all over the world and when an attractive female fan shows genuine interest in the music, ask her to help you promote your music by taking pictures of themselves holding self made “fan” signs that say something about the artist being promoted. This tactic works well with attractive female fans where some may opt to use temporary body art to “show their love” for the music. The important thing is to make sure that the person get to take these pics actually expressed interest in your music first as you want them to actually be fans rather than just a random hot girl.

To take this approach to another level offer to send your best fans free logo t-shirts & promo cd’s in exchange for them taking more pictures wearing/holding the items. You should want to make sure that they give you permission to use all pics on your web pages & printed materials to promote further. The rising popularity of viral videos on sites like you tube make it a good idea to have willing fans record videos of themselves dancing to your music or talking about you/your music while wearing/holding your promo shirts/hats, CD’s etc.

If you send a DJ an mp3 of your song as well as a video with girls dancing to your song, the DJ will be more likely to test your song in the club as club deejays tend to focus on making girls dance. A combination of all these different promo tools serves a couple purposes. The fans will feel they have become a part of your story and will promote you to other people even when just trying to show off their own “modeling” to their friends. When new visitors visit your page they will see you/your music being promoted by attractive females (sex appeal sells) instead of just you trying to convince them to listen.

This will provide you with a network of promotion where if you have made fans around the world become part of your page, they will promote around the world. This strategy also gives your page a sense of social proof in which it shows that you/your music is accepted by the public around the world and each new page visitor will be more likely to become a fan and possibly add to your promo network. You should stay in touch with your promo model fans and send them your new music to check out whenever you release new material. You should request new promo pics occasionally to keep having fresh promo material for you as well as give them reason to send more people to check out your site/music as well.

The most important thing to remember again is you have to make & be marketing music that people other than you, your family & friends like in order to gain fans in the general public who are willing to put themselves out there & promote for you like that. If you /your music do not appeal to the public then why is the public (hot girls etc) going to want to help represent & promote you.

How Amazing is Online Dating?

When I was teenager, every young, attractive female was a potential girlfriend. I never had to look for rings on fingers, or wonder about serious relationships. I especially didn’t have to concern myself with how many kids a young woman might have. Approaching the opposite sex was so much easier back then. Young girls were plentiful, and nobody ever seemed to mind getting hit on. Even if a girl did have a boyfriend, it was unlikely very serious, and you always had a bit of a shot. Now that I’m thirty, however, and back in the dating game, it’s certainly not that easy anymore. In fact, it seems quite an overwhelming and arduous quest to find attractive women my age who are still single. It’s especially difficult if you aren’t ready to be an instant father to somebody else’s kids, as wonderful and special as those kids might be. That’s why I absolutely love online dating. You get to bypass all the nonsense and get strait to the point. And when you’re as busy as I am, and getting on in years, its nice to know that you can still be a bit picky.

When you’re a focused and busy professional like myself, it’s a rarity to run into anybody in the workplace who really catches your attention. When someone does, however, it seems more than likely that this person will either be married, or in a serious relationship. And since I’m not too keen on stealing precious moments with somebody else’s wife (unless of course she was really hot and came on to me), the challenge of finding Mrs. Right, or even Mrs. Right Now, can be a frustrating and trying operation. Besides, workplace relationships, even if they are casual hook ups or one night drunken escapades, can open doors to all sorts of difficulties and frustrations. I’m sure everybody has heard the horror stories, if they haven’t yet experienced it themselves. Successful workplace romances are usually confined to daytime drama, though these romantic victories never seem to last too long. As for the rest of us, we will likely need to make an effort on our own time if we want to meet that special someone.

Bars and socials are great places to meet other singles if you’re still in your twenties, like to drink to access, and are primarily looking for a one-night stand. I myself have never actually dated any of the women I’ve taken home from the bar, unless a handful of late night booty calls count as dating. Nevertheless, I hear it does happen on occasion. And though I haven’t quite outgrown the bar scene, or the women it entails, I have to admit that it has lost some of its original lustre. More and more I find myself, to my own utter amazement, preferring to spend a Friday or Saturday night at home with a good movie, or even out with a married friend for coffee. Most surprisingly, I’m starting to wonder what it would be like to spend a nice evening going out for dinner and then to a play or an opera. My god, I am getting old. But it’s hard to meet single women when you’re out for dinner by yourself, and especially if you’re sitting in a play or at the opera. I guess some moments are best shared as two.

So now I’m at my computer, browsing through profiles of local women too pretty to ever work at my company. And I’m not just restricted to one darkened photograph, one carefully selected photo picked from a million. Many of these lovely ladies have posted numerous candid shots, not leaving me to wonder if the bottom end is as pretty as the top. In fact, some of the best dating sites today not only allow for unlimited picture uploads, they also allow unlimited video uploads as well. And with all kinds of questionnaires and descriptive profile information, I don’t have to leave anything to chance. The best part of online dating, however, is I can skip all the wondering (is she with someone, does she think I’m attractive, do we have anything in common, are there any kids, etc.) and find out everything I need in very little time. Personally, I like to make it even more straightforward than that. I prefer one date, not long after our first online encounter, and not more than a few hours long. Then we can each go home and decide if we want to continue with date number two. Very little time and emotion is invested, and the potential for hurt feelings are minimized. If things don’t work out, you move on to the next. The beautiful thing about online dating is that there are always lots more eligible candidates to move on to.

Online chat and dating have completely revolutionized the dating world, opening up more possibilities than our parents could ever have imagined. Our generation, and the ones to come, can be fussier, more selective, and less inclined to settle, than any other generation before us. We can ask all the right questions even before our first encounter, and we can quickly move on to the next eligible encounter when it becomes apparent that it wasn’t meant to be. We don’t have to invest months of unnecessary time pining over someone who will never give us the time of day, and we don’t have to wait months and months to find out that our goals and expectations are simply incompatible. Online chat and dating can enable us to meet other unique and interesting people from all over the world. I know I wouldn’t mind relocating somewhere warmer, especially if I already had a few promising dates set up. I just don’t see any good reason why any single adult shouldn’t give online dating a try. It might just be the best thing you’ve ever done.