Breaking Down The Secret Of Charisma: The Introduction Of The “Frost Score”

What is charisma? What is “it”? What is that special thing about a certain person that makes them stand out from everybody else even when silent or still? It has never been explained and simply categorized as an “intangible”.

Well I’m here to make the intangible tangible. I’m about to let the monster out of the bag. I am about to introduce the Frost Score.

In the NFL, when a team is interested in a college player they have scouts break down every possible thing about them and produce pros and cons. It can get extremely detailed. For some reason in the music business it does not seem to exist to this extent, yet there is just as much money involved. Scouts merely have to “guess” which artist will make it big, and have a “feeling” about a certain singer. Let’s get real. Everything can be broken down to it’s core. Excuse me as I get everybody started.

I have always had a very good track record at guessing who will be a superstar. Why me and not somebody else? Instinct maybe? Either way I realized what I had been looking it. It’s the face and the eyes. These are the biggest indicators. Number #3 is energy and presence.

I have created a grading system that is scaled in order of importance. For example, sex appeal is more important than the quality of work when it comes to selling stars, thus sex appeal is out of 20 and quality of work is out of 10. I watch especially close to see if artists are trying too hard and come off as fake, if I can see this I believe many others will have a weird feeling about them as well, thus big points lost.

Many of these can be a mix of each other. Eyes are important for self-belief, movement is important for sex appeal, but none of them are the exact same thing. Think Venn diagram. Before I begin there are a few important things for you to understand.

1) This is a rough score that I will attempt to make as accurate as possible. I am only going off of videos I find online, someone may be way more charismatic in person.
2) The average score is not 5, but 3. I believe the average Joe Shmo will score a 3 in every category. If an artist has a 5 in a certain category it means he is above average in the world population but pretty average amongst other celebrities.
3) The Frost Score calculates star potential in music artists and can be adjusted for actors and general personalities as well. If you are looking simply for charisma, look for high scores in “eyes”, “face”, and “energy/presence”.
4) This is the artist’s present day rating. Certain scores they are born with and can not change. A sudden burst of confidence will increase an artist’s score in other categories. Therefore I will sometimes list an artist’s maximum Frost Score potential.

1) Eyes – My hunch is that this, along with the face, is the money spot. This is truly the most intangible part about charisma because what I can spot here is not something that I can explain. It is not one specific thing such as pupil dilation, eye jerkiness, strong glare, or unmoving pupils. However it can sometimes be a mix of it or sometimes just one of these may disqualify an artist. Are they in the moment? Are they present? Do their eyes speak to you? Score out of 50

2) Face – Does NOT refer to physical attractivess, however sometimes certain face movements may make these artists appear more attractive than they really are. I am referring to relaxation of facial muscles, the way certain parts of their face rest or move. do they have a kind face? an evil face? Sometimes the artist’s face may not move in the slightest except the mouth and an extraordinary amount of charisma is still projected. Is the face stiff and lifeless? Can they portray many different emotions? Score out of 50

3) Energy/Presence – Do they draw people in without saying a word? Do crowds form around them despite them standing around doing nothing? Is everyone constantly looking over at them? Do they have a great vibe? bad vibe? dark, mysterious vibe? How is their energy onstage? Do they have a glow about them? How strong is their presence? Are they in the moment or in their head most of the time? Score out of 40

4) Self Belief/Confidence – This is the most likely to drastically change over the course of an artist’s career but when it is highest, so is their career. Do they truly buy their own bullshit? If they don’t neither will we. Do they believe in themselves and what they are doing? Does it feel forced? Try hard? Do they doubt themselves? How well do they sell their image? Score out of 30

5) Marketability – Can you sell this artist to parents and grandparents? Teenagers? Europe? Asia? How mainstream can they be? Do many people hate or resent them? Will they only be attractive to a niche market? Can they be transcendent? Score out of 30

6) Sex Appeal – Is sex the first thing you think about when you see them? Are your eyes tempted to look down at their crotch? Is their shirt open just a little bit too much? Are they trying too hard? Do they tease the audience? Score out of 20

7) Movement/Dance – How fast or slow do they move? What characteristics do they project by their movement? Sex? Insecurity? Confidence? How do they stand? How do they dance? Do they have an interesting walk or strut? Score out of 20

8 ) Voice/Speech – Do they speak fast or slow? Loud or quiet? Sexy or harsh? Does their singing voice stand out? Is it unique? Is it annoying? Is it refreshing? Score out of 20

9) Style – What do they wear? What is their image? When people think of them, do they think of them wearing a certain thing? Score out of 20

10) Looks – A person can be extremely physically attractive yet have zero charisma and even sex appeal. However a person who is very charismatic and has good looks on top of it, will have their charisma rating go up exponentially, thus anyone who has a grade over 60 without looks factored, will have their looks score double. Score out of 10 or 20

11) Controversy Potential – Can they get people riled up? Can they get people talking or debating? Are they capable of crossing the line? Some people cross the line and nobody cares, but when others do it, its a big deal. Do they have this in them? Score out of 10

12) Uniqueness – Are they truly original? Or just copying somebody else’s style or personality? Score out of 10

13) Mainstream Potential of Work – Will the public like their music? Does it fit into normal cliches? Is it too niche? Score out of 10

14) Personality – Shockingly low but this is just how the world works. Do they have a sense of humor? Are they witty? Are they pleasant? Are they anti-social? Do they have nothing to say? Are they fake? How do they perform in interviews? Do rely on scripts and never flow? Artists can build fanbases purely from their personality. Score out of 10

15) Quality of Work – Don’t think this should shock people. Music on the radio is not usually high on quality. How good are they at what they do? Compared to others? What is the quality of their songs? Lyrics? Instrument playing? This is not correlated with mainstream potential. Score out of 10

0-24 – Wallflowers

25-39 – Average Person

40-49 – Popular people, the cool guy in the office, the hot girl in the corner

50-59 – Local personalities, the person everybody knows, the guy who’s had sex with every girl in your area, the girl famous for her dramatic tales

60-69 – Must have a standout talent at minimum, ability to make heads turn

70-79 – Were now reaching a rarer territory. This is the star level

80-89 – Everybody shut up and watch the show. Superstar level

90-99 – Ability to make rooms go silent or apeshit at will. Legend status

100+ – Reserved for the all time greats

Now that I’ve laid down the framework I would like to give two sample ratings. One is a certified charismatic legend and the other is an up and coming question mark. I believe my system is as accurate as it gets. Let’s see what you think.

Note: What I say for “eyes”, “face”, and “energy” may not make sense for some because I have difficulty explaining what I can see. Your going to have to learn to accept this since I go off pure instinct.

Jim Morrison

Eyes – When he looked at the camera, nobody else in the world existed at that moment except him. His eyes are the absolute prototype of charisma. 50/50

Face – His face was always extremely relaxed and always seemed to give off a glow. It was hard for people to take their eyes off him. 50/50

Energy/Presence – May have had the strongest energy of any musical artist ever. Just looking at him can suck you into his world. I have no doubt people felt a feeling of being “high” just by being around him. Watch the first 40 seconds of this clip to understand how far out his energy expanded. 40/40

Self Belief/Confidence – It was all in his eyes. There was never a nervous moment or tic when he was at his peak. He was said to have been nervous when he first began performing but that quickly disappeared. He reached a point where self doubt didn’t exist. People had no idea if he was acting or performing. 30/30

Marketability – His controversial nature, especially in the 1960′s made him a rebel in pop culture’s eyes. To teenagers he was very marketable but to adults he could not be presented. 18/30

Sex Appeal – One of the strongest sex appeals of any male recording artist. It was in the way he looked, the way he moved, and the way he talked. Nothing about him didn’t scream sex. There are many notorious stories of girls grabbing his crotch on stage. Having sex with fans was routine for him. 20/20

Movement/Dance – He didn’t walk, he swayed. He had his own unique way of moving that kept all eyes on him even when he was not performing. 20/20

Voice/Speech – Talked incredibly slow with unpredictable cadence. People hung on to his every word. His singing voice was very unique and untrained. Very easy to recognize. 20/20

Style – Never had a truly stand out dressing style or image besides the hair. Had his crotch-emphasizing pants but that was not all that rare. 14/20

Looks – Not the best looking guy but a good looking guy regardless. Points double. 13/10

Controversy Potential – Are you kidding? Two arrests related to onstage incidents? Always on drugs or drunk? Saying “higher” on television when warned not to. 10/10

Mainstream Potential of Work – Two #1 singles, including an all time great in “Light My Fire”. The Doors were mainstream but not to the extent of The Beatles or The Beach Boys. 8/10

Uniqueness – Who was like Jim Morrison before, during, or after? 10/10

Personality – He always had something to say, and despite it sometimes being gibberish, he made it sound amazing. When he talked, people listened. 10/10

Quality of Work – Had shining moments but sometimes had work that was not that great. 8/10

Total = 321/340 = 94.4 Frost Score

Look at the scale above to understand where Jim Morrison stands. He is off the charts on the three most important categories. This was a man that was made to be watched. He is one of the true prototypes of musical charisma.

(Based mostly on footage from “When Your Strange” documentary)

Taylor Momsen

17 year old girl making a gutsy move jumping from fashion model/actress on “The Gossip Girls” to rock star chick with the band “The Pretty Reckless”.

Eyes – Has a glare of a girl much older than she is. There is a maturity and jadedness in her eyes as if she’s already seen everything at her young age. Her eyes look through the camera. 40/50

Face – Too stiff and lifeless at times. However there something about it. A certain maturity. 32.5/50

Energy/Presence – Her major weak spot. Her energy isn’t boring, but it’s not very big either. It doesn’t extend out much farther than herself. If she had a great, upbeat energy she would be a superstar. 20/40

Self-Belief/Confidence – She is a very good looking girl and has been on camera for years now, however she seems understandably a little self-conscious with her new rock image. It may not show very strongly on camera but I see it. She doesn’t strut her stuff like she should. This is very fixable. I expect her to be in the 25-30 range within 1-2 years. 18/30

Marketability – Gorgeous face with modeling experience. Is signed up to model fashion and perfume lines. With her new image she can be the face of many different underground industries as well as represent the rock chick genre for the mainstream. 30/30

Sex Appeal – A little young but she’s got it. She still holds back a little bit and is not 100% comfortable yet, but in that 1-2 year range she’ll be a solid 20. 17/20

Movement/Dance – Watch her walk in the alley in the “Make Me Wanna Die” video. Her slow walk is very congruent with her voice. No doubt catwalk experienced has helped. 15/20

Voice/Speech – Actually a very interesting singing voice. A mature voice. She will have rock cred in a few years. 16/20

Style – Her look really stands out amongst all the pop teen girls. You remember her. 20/20

Looks – Gorgeous girl but she hides her face with all that rock make-up. This stops her from getting a full grade. Plus score doubles. 18/10

Controversy Potential – Gossip Girl turned hardcore rocker? She’s 17? She’s stripping in her first music video? 10/10

Mainstream Potential of Work – This is an issue but she has transcendent talent. Plus her rock band has a mainstream hard rock sound if there is one. 7/10

Uniqueness – Teen stars don’t do what she’s doing at her age. This is pretty much unprecedented. Everyone’s curious how this will turn out. 10/10

Personality – Laid back voice, very down to earth. Interesting girl but not very interesting speaking voice. 7.5/10

Quality of Work – Her first single is better than I thought it would be. 7/10

Total = 268/340 = 78.82 Frost Score

That’s a very high score for a brand new artist, especially one outside a mainstream genre. Big expectations here. Her potential Frost Score is around 83.8. She can be a very big and marketable star very soon.

(Based on brand new “Make Me Wanna Die” video & “This Morning” interview)